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Barefoot Lunch Group Coaching

When it comes to changing jobs, let me know if this sounds familiar...

You craft your resume, hop on LinkedIn and APPLY for a few jobs. Then you click into another website and APPLY for a fe more jobs. But then you never hear anything back about your application.j

You KNOW that you have to apply for jobs to get an interview. But for some reason, you just aren't able to get any traction. Companies refuse to respond to your application. Or if you do get an interview, you seem to have trouble getting past the first interview.

Then you start to lose motivation. Recruiters present jobs to you, but you're rejected without any reason. All you want is someone to help you, give you some honest answers.

You know deep down in your heart that you have so much more to offer the world and you know you need to find a way to make it happen.

Sound familiar?

I thought so.

I've been there. Every career journey has ups and downs. I've been there too and it's frustrating. With over 20 years in the recruitment industry, I see the same frustration in the eyes of so many qualified professionals.

But now I'm thankful that I've been able to learn how to navigate some of these challenges and coach others how to do the same.

"David not only gave me confidence in y ability to reach higher goals but also empowered me to be at my best in every step of my job search."
--Julien Guille, Senior Manager

​I'm excited to have put together a 5-week program that promises to get you results. The #BarefootLunch Series - LANDING A JOB will be available globally at the following times:

U.S./Canada (EST)
KICK OFF: MNDAY, 10 AUGUST - 8:00 p.m (EST)
(All sessions: August 10, 17, 24, 31, September 8)

KICK OFF: TUESDAY, 11 AUGUST - 8:00 a.m.
(All sessions: August 11, 18, 25, September 1, 8)

KICK OFF: TUESDAY, 11 AUGUST - 9:00 a.m.
(All sessions: August 11, 18, 25, September 1, 8)

KICK OFF: TUESDAY, 11 AUGUST - 10:00 a.m.
(All sessions: August 11, 18, 25, September 1, 8)


Grab your bento box, kick off your shoes and jump on your computer for some time to work together to get you from where you are (feet stuck in the mud) to where you want to go (chasing jobs, acting interviews, getting job offers!)

During this #BarefootLunch series, you'll have straightforward, honest group coaching, trainings, community, profiles, and feedback.

"It was a positive and amazing experience for me."
--Yumi Kojima, Sr. Manager

You'll be guided on:

  • Career plan

  • How to tailor your approach for each interview

  • Creating a personal brand

  • Developing a stellar resume

  • Sharpening your messaging and interview skills

  • How to approach companies

  • Negotiating a good package

  • Resigning with style

You'll also receive:

  • A DISC behavior profile to learn more about your communication style and how to tailor your messages depending on who you're meeting during an interview

  • Personalized resume critique

  • On call 1-on-1 coaching

Your investment for this webinar series is only $650 USD. You'll walk away with the knowing that you CAN make anything you want happen, whether it's a new job, a courageous shift, or a big move.

We will again limit the number of participants, so you'll want to register early. Registration CLOSES on August 8, so reserve your spot now. Click to join in and start getting serious about your JOB SEARCH.


All the best,


P.S. You know we could't leave it at that! If you want a sample of what you'l learn check out my recent podcast that covers some of the points we'll discuss.


And for more suggestions on landing a job, follow me on YouTube