CPSM Seminar - Pursuing a Certificate? Learn Before You Act!

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People who are successful in their profession consistently challenge themselves to learn more, regularly attend professional meetings to network with peers and mentors, and seek out opportunities to expand their education.

Are you thinking about pursuing a certificate or certification in the supply management profession to enhance your knowledge and improve your career possibilities? Here's a checklist to get you started thinking about the best course of action for you.

Know the difference between a certificate and professional certification. Certificate programs and certification programs are designed to meet different needs, according to the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

An assessment-based certificate program is designed to acquire specific knowledge, skills, or other competencies, and awards a certificate to recognize mastery of the specific learning outcomes. A professional or personnel certification program is designed to validate participants' competency after verifying they have met predetermined, standardized criteria, and awards professional designations to recognize that achievement.

Seminar on February 24th from 7pm - 8:30pm @ Hosei University in Tokyo

.The Seminar is a venue to learn what a CPSM certificate can do for you and your career.

When you register, Write "FocusCore" in the note area and receive the print material free (1,000 yen)
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