Short and Sweet #2: How has running affected my business?

8 months ago, David Sweet


Welcome to the 2nd episode of Short and Sweet, FocusCore's video blog.

People are often surprised to hear that I used to be a big fat guy. It wasn't until I came to Japan and started working in sales that I started and found my passion for running. The first time I went out running, I went out for 15 minutes. I did 5 minutes walking, 5 minutes running, 5 minutes walking and I went and collapsed in my apartment floor. I was exhausted. But there was something about it that I absolutely loved.

My son recently asked me, how has running affected my business? It's had a huge impact. I think he first point was that it gave me confidence to believe I can do anything: from going to being a big guy to being healthy and fit, and that giving me more energy and more confidence.

The second thing was persistence and consistency were important. What I found in running marathons is that, it's better to run 5 times a week, 5km, than to run 25km, because if you go out run 25km once a week, you'll hurt yourself. But if everyday you're putting in that consistency and that persistent training, there is a mental fortitude and strength that comes with that. And in business, I think that's key.

The third point I think that was important was that, I couldn't binge on running. For example, if I have a training plan put in place and I miss a 15km run, the next day if I have 10km planned, I can't run 25km that day. I need to just say "OK, I've missed that day, let's pick it up the next day and keep on the consistency." That way I don't feel like I've gotten behind on my running. And I feel the same with business and running a business. Sometimes, some days are not all that they need to be. And yet you kind of just say "OK, that day is done, let's keep going the next day" and you keep on going.

So, I will have more video blogs about running; I'm passionate about it and I think it's done a lot for what I've accomplished in life as well as in business. I will summarize by saying, the mental fortitude, the consistency, the persistence and just that ability to keep going even when you miss a day.