Short and Sweet #7: How do you choose a recruiter?

7 months ago, David Sweet


Hi! Welcome to episode 7 of Short and Sweet!

Today we’re going to speak about a question I got from a candidate: How do you choose a recruiter? Great question. There’s several ways to go about it. Step #1; take a look at the website of different recruitment companies and find out, what the company specializes in. What jobs are they working? You can generally find that from a company’s website. And make sure that those jobs that they are posting match the skills for the job you’re looking for.

#2 you can ask yourself is the company a big company, or a small company. There’s definitely a difference between a big established company where they are very well known in the market place and they will generally work with many clients, but be a bit more transactional in their relationship with you. In contrast you have smaller boutiques, which tend to specialize more in relationships with their clients, and by doing so they will spend more time with you as a candidate and work more actively for you. So you need to ask yourself do you want quantity of different positions, or are you looking for quality and a better relationship with a recruiter.

The next steps is rather than just jumping in with a recruiter, I would recommend speaking to recruiters on the phone first. And go through and do a bit of an interview with the recruiter, and find out a little bit about what they specialize in, the size of their company, how long have they been in the industry, are they working with HR, or are they working with line managers. That’s very important the relationships that your recruiter has within the industry and helping you find a job.

And then last, I would ask those recruiters for a referral for a successful placement that they had and you can really get to know what kind of skillset those recruiters have and the relationships they have with other people and other industries. 7

So there’s a few tips for you if you are out searching for a new job and you’re thinking about using a recruiter. Thank you to Kaneko san for that question.