Short and Sweet #10: How to do a Great Interview? Part 1

4 months ago, David Sweet


Hi! Welcome to Short and Sweet #10.

Today’s question comes from Konno san who is a job seeker and had some questions about how to do a great interview. So the next 2 Short and Sweets are going to be about how to ace an interview.

So before we get started, let’s remember one point about acting an interview is you should control the things you know how to control. What I would look at, is first, your self introduction. Your self introduction is one of those standard things that happens for every interview. Interviewer sits down and says, “Tell me about you.” That’s one of those things you can actually prepare ahead of time. Write down your self introduction, make sure it’s short, it’s clear, and it’s informative. Next, take out your smart phone, and record yourself actually doing your self introduction. This does a couple of things. You can take a look at how you present, you can listen to the words and make sure you’re speaking clearly, and then you can start to evaluate how well you’re presenting your ideas of your career. You also get a really good idea about how long your self introduction is, because you don’t want it to extend too long, but you also don’t want it too short.

Point #2; similar to your self introduction, prepare for 5 or 6 really basic questions that come with almost every interview that you see. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What have you really enjoyed about your job? How do you work under pressure? These are all really simple interview questions that you can prepare the answers for, you can have some examples, some stories you can share and get ready for projects that really highlight your career. You can then again record yourself, watch and evaluate how you are presenting yourself, and then when you’re sitting on the interview, you will be relaxed and ready to present what you know.

And finally, point #3, what I recommend is you really think through your skills and what you’ve accomplished in your career, and how all of that is transferable to the job that you are applying for. Take a look at the job description, go through point by point what is there, and then figure out what you’ve done, and how those two correlate. You really need to think through why you are going in for the interview, and what is the interviewer really expecting from you; what problem are you there to solve. If you go through and really think through how you can help the company, you will come away looking much more acceptable to the interviewer, and your chances of receiving an offer become much greater.

So this is the first part on how to ace an interview, and the points being, #1 prepare your self introduction; #2 prepare for 5 or 6 questions your answers; and #3 really think through the job description your applying for, and how you can make an impact on that organization.