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Hunting for a Job During COVID-19

Hunting for a Job During COVID-19

about 1 year ago by David Sweet
Hunting For A Job During Covid 19

​In Japan, if you’re in digital marketing or e-commerce, now represents an opportune time to start searching for a job. 

Over the last few years, Japan has lagged behind in online marketing area. However, due to COVID-19, companies scramble to establish or expand their digital footprint. At FocusCore, I have seen over a 30% increase in digital and e-commerce positions. 

If you’re considering a job change, but hesitated because of the pandemic, it’s worth your time to research the market, look at job boards, and speak to recruiters. 

Now that you’re working at home, it’s easier to to interview. Many of the interviews we see are happening on MS Teams or Zoom. You can now easily take time to have an interview. 

Because of team changes, there also exists many companies searching to upgrade their digital team. If you speak English, you have an advantage as many digital and e-commerce teams need to coordinate with Europe or the U.S. 

If you’d like to find out more about current openings, drop me a line or take a look at the open jobs on our website

If you’re running a SME in Japan, drop me an email or text me. Let me know what challenges you’re facing or other topics you’d like to know about. As the Managing Director of FocusCore Group, I’ve helped companies in Japan for over 20 years focus on their core business. Feel free to reach out for comments or suggestions at