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10/19/20 - Marketing, Digital, Ecommerce Weekly Wrap

10/19/20 - Marketing, Digital, Ecommerce Weekly Wrap

12 months ago
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If you ever have any questions or see positions that might be of interest to you, please drop me a line at Having been recruiting for over 2 decades in the market, our team has some excellent relationships with presidents and directors that can help you find the marketing, digital, or ecommerce position. 

To help you better find jobs, I’m starting this Weekly Wrap, a short blog post to help you find the best jobs in the market. Please help me build out all the resources!  It will consist of all the places I can find to help you get a job: job boards, recruiters, and job fairs. If I’m missing any or you have had good or bad experiences, please share with me and we can post this here so we can all learn from each other. 


And if you’re interested in a process that I find successful in landing a job, check out the Barefoot Lunch Podcast. New episodes released on the 1st and 15th of the month!

Week of 10/19/2020

Last week, I was on vacation, so I can't say that there were a plethora of jobs rolling in, though got a few strums on my ukulele.

Have added job links below from luxury companies, but not much movement in retail. There was a surge of digital and ecom jobs in August/September, but except for Dunhill, they have all closed. In other retail companies, still some jobs coming in for digital and ecommerce positions. The hot jobs I have for this week are head of marketing in a real estate company, and a couple of new product marketing positions for kitchenwares. This week I'll be meeting with heads of marketing from automotive, restaurants, retail, and pharmaceuticals so will update you next Monday with the market insights. You can find the latest jobs here: FocusCore 

Job Fairs:

ECommerce Fair Tokyo 2021/OmniChannel Solution Fair 2021 at Tokyo Big Site

Recruitment Sites:

BizReach - tends towards the mid-size domestic market

CareerCross - tends towards mid-size “geishikei” companies

LinkedIn - a good conglomeration of companies & recruiters, though I don’t recommend applying through LinkedIn as you’ll seldom receive a response from the company.

Companies - As you'll see in the luxury sector, it's been slow except for LVMH. The rest are just poking along.

CHANEL - Not much happening at CHANEL except sales positions.

Kering - Again, not much recruitment happening.

LVMH - Seems to be doing the best of the big luxury companies. The job at Guerlain will start as a temp and work to perm in January. There was a marketing role at FRED that was recently filled.

Richemont - The role at Dunhill is a good one and been open for some time. Finding the balance with high-spec E-commerce and Digital and a lower salary been difficult for them. The role at Piaget is new.


Bridgegroup - Newest jobs are from September, so a bit dated.

Enworld - Wide range of jobs. 

Hays - An international company. Tend to work on high volume, low customer service. 

Michael Page - Transactional international company with lower customer service.

Morgan McKinley - Looking at their site, not very active in this area. Looks more toward the agency side and only 5 jobs. 

RGF - Looking at their website, the jobs are over a month old and one is 2 years old. The jobs they have look more towards medical, IT, Consulting, and financial services. 

Robert Walters - Very transactional company, but will have the highest volume of jobs. 

Specialized Group - A boutique. Higher customer service. Stronger on the financial services and IT industries.