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Career Coaching

Have you thought about coaching to help you along your career search? Reach out and have a free Zoom call for a Sample Session/Exploratory Conversation.

From there, work to develop an individual plan to help you in your job searching challenges.

Here are what past coachees have explored

  • career planning

  • identifying challenges faced in job hunting

  • building a personal brand

  • sharpening and practicing interviewing skills

  • jointly building plans of action

  • developing a stellar resume

  • negotiating salary

  • resigning from current position


“David is the best recruiter, the mentor, the advisor for each candidate.

He hears deeply of the candidate's voice and thinks deeply.

Often, he is the bridge of the candidate and company. He is not the sales candidate, he is the great marketer and connector of the recruiting world. Look at his post and tips, there is a wide range of market information, and connected with unique humanity. Of course, he has a great business mind and passion. I  have got good learning and advice from him, and would like to continue to learn from him.”

—Yukako Okano, Sr. Director of Merchandising Strategy

“David is a very professional, highly supportive, and generous person. I met him through LinkedIn and he has helped me to find out my career path by introducing some companies and executive coaching. The coaching session helped me to reflect and deep down what I’m looking for in terms of professional career. He is experienced, resourceful, and encouraging. Highly recommended for those who need help to figure out the next next step in your career.”

—Akiko Sakamoto

“If you are interested in receiving coaching, I recommend for you to contact David. I took his coaching session about one and half year ago, which was a positive and amazing experience for me. It is not a consulting, but by answering to his questions, you can find what you need!

I had lots of discoveries on how to perform better at my job, what I should do to further develop my career, and so on. It had a positive influence on my life as well. At the end of a coaching session with David, you will feel great!”

—Yumi Kojima, Sr. HR Manager

“If you are thinking about changing jobs or not really sure what to expect from your future career, he is your best pick and the thousands of recruiters in Tokyo. Best luck to you all but you won't need luck if you can get his help.”

—Allan Gokami, Regional Manager

“If anyone is looking for a job to change, I highly recommend David to talk.He will give you good advice and opportunities!”

—Sharon Urata, Business Consultant

“David is a rare breed in the recruiting business who goes the above and beyond to deliver personable, superior service. Passionate, insightful and the consummate professional. The fact that David is so proactive in related activities (Coaching, Webinars, Podcasts, etc.) associated with his business goes to prove his dedication and skills to his work. Any person or organization would be satisfied working with David.”

—Andrew Hankinson, Senior Managing Director

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