Emile Ngene.

Position Consultant, Finance & Accounting
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Finance and Accounting specialist from the UK. He has several years experience working in compliance and advisory services, with specific focus in Merchant Services. The candidates he most frequently sources often have titles including the following:


  • Accountant
  • Accounting Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Financial Director
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Latest Jobs from Emile

    FocusCore JP
  • Accountant

    4000000 - 8000000

    This FMCG brand is a globally recognised institution and one enjoyed by people daily. Why not grow your Accounting career here? Responsibilities ・固定資産に関わる会計処理及び台帳管理 ・支払業務及び債務管理 ・売上高及び債権管理 ・現預⾦管理及び⾦融機関/シアトルとの関係強化 ・⽶国会計基準及びUS SOX法に準拠した本社への財務報告業...

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  • Digital Internal Controls Manager

    15000000 - 18000000

    This Consumer Goods company is making strides in managing its social responsibility - both to people and the environment. They're are looking for a Digital Internal Controls Manager that can uphold their values as well as contribute their own expe...

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  • ファイナンスコントローラー

    10000000 - 13000000

    If you have a solid interest in the FMCG sector, this could be an opportunity to put your Finance and Accounting skills to great use in a rapidly growing, well established brand. 仕事内容・必要な業務経験 (必須の経験) ・月次・半期・年次の決算業務 ・税務申告の業務 ・連結財務諸表の作成 ・金融機関、監査法人、投...

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  • Tax Specialist

    5500000 - 8300000

    新規に設立された税務部にて、税務コンプライアンスの実務の中核となる人材を求めています。現状は外部専門家に業務 を委託しておりますが将来的には、内製化に向けて社内の税務専門家として実務をリードしご活躍頂きたいと考えておりま す。将来はマネージャーとして数名のチームのマネジメントをして頂くことも想定しています。 Responsibilities ●年次、四半期決算(主として税効果関連をリード)、税金計算基礎資料のレビュー ●決算早期化に向けてのプロセス改善業務 ●US GAAPによるTax P...

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  • GL Specialist

    5000000 - 6500000

    This company is an American IT manufacturer looking for a GL Specialist with a global mindset and impeccable Japanese skills. Take this opportunity to join their friendly team and develop your career. Responsibilities - 決算関連業務, 報告書作成 - GL管理(残高の管理)...

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