Suwanna Heng.

Phone: 070-3193-7433
Position Consultant, Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation
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Suwanna is a bilingual recruitment consultant (English - Thai). With an international and cross-cultural working background, she celebrates the uniqueness in people and their ability. 
She cherishes the opportunities to get to know her candidates and clients well, She focuses in finding the right match of candidate, not only to the job but also the client’s company culture and team’s personality. 
She is specialised in Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Consultant, Transportation and Project Management.

Latest Jobs from Suwanna

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  • Logistics Consultant - 物流コンサルタント職 (スペシャリスト~アソシエ...


    業務内容及び責任範囲 1. 物流課題に対するコンサルティングサービスの提案/受託する 2. コンサルティングサービスを通じた付加価値を提供、専属専任契約など優位なポジションで不動産物件選 定を行うよう営業サポートする 3. 顧客と良好な関係を築き、顧客のニーズに答える、又は発掘する 4. 特定された予算内で、財務上の予算を達成する 必要とされる経験・能力 3 年以上の物流倉庫経験 ネイティブレベルの日本語。英語力不要(将来的なキャリアアップにはビジネス英語が出来るほうが良い点に 留意) マ...

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  • Supply Chain Manager - Distributtion

    10000000 - 14000000

    Lead all activities enabling accurate supply plans, matching clients demand needs and expectations with availability, cost and cash efficiency. Activity Management Take appropriate actions over the impacts of unexpected events on inventory supply ...

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  • Indirect Procurement Specialist


    The Indirect Procurement Specialist is responsible for executing high-quality agreements in a timely manner, balancing the needs of all parties while maintaining internal and external relationships. Must have a solid and thorough understanding of ...

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  • Logistics Manager


    Are you looking for an opportunity to put your Kaizen skill into practice, help improving effective and efficient warehouse and logistics operations? An opportunity to join a financial stable, work-life balance working environment. Responsibilitie...

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  • Logistics Coordinator


    This role is responsible for managing sales channels and service networks by placing right purchase order, ensuring the delivery by ship or air in line with Sales or Service team’s requirements, controlling inventory with minimum costs. Key Respon...

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