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Position Consultant - Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation
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Task is a bilingual research consultant who you will find it easy and comfortable to talk with. I help you with my relevant knowledge, eagerness, and native Japanese and high level English.
I assure you we connect you to relevant clients through our relevant consultants.

Latest Jobs from Task

    FocusCore JP
  • Supply Chain Manager / サプライチェーンマネージャー

    8000000 - 11000000

    General Position Summary: Supply Chain Manager position in American Healthcare Manufacturing Company. Responsibilities: Planning: • Plan, develop and maintain Supply Chain Management plan by closely partnering with all stakeholders • Direct and se...

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  • Packaging Operator/ 包装オペレーター

    3000000 - 5000000

    General Position Summary: Packaging Operator position in American Food Manufacturer. Working location will be Yokohama. Responsibilities: ・Packing pet foods in Packaging Center near Yokohama Required Experience / Skills: ・Warehouse background ・Exp...

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  • Commercial Operations Manager / コマーシャルオペレーションズマ...

    11,000,000 - 14,000,000

    General Position Summary: Commercial Operations Manager position in American Esthetic-medical device Company Responsibilities: • Work and manage external service providers to deliver consistent services to ensure efficient supplies of products tha...

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  • Supply Chain Assistant Manager / サプライチェーンアシスタント...


    General Position Summary: Supply Chain Assistant Manager position in European High-end Luxury/Cosmetics Company. This position is open since: Replacement Responsibilities: ・Review store assortment width & depth with Merchandising to ensure right s...

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  • Logistics Consultant / 物流コンサルタント


    業務内容及び責任範囲 1. 物流課題に対するコンサルティングサービスの提案/受託する 2. コンサルティングサービスを通じた付加価値を提供、専属専任契約など優位なポジションで不動産物件選 定を行うよう営業サポートする 3. 顧客と良好な関係を築き、顧客のニーズに答える、又は発掘する 4. 特定された予算内で、財務上の予算を達成する 必要とされる経験・能力 3 年以上の物流倉庫経験 ネイティブレベルの日本語。英語力不要(将来的なキャリアアップにはビジネス英語が出来るほうが良い点に留意) マイ...

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