Task Watanabe.

Phone: 07031937437
Position Research Consultant - Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation
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    FocusCore JP
  • Manager, Business Insights and Forecasting Grou...

    8000000 - 11000000

    General Positon Summary: International German pharmaceutical company is now opening Manager position. Key Job Accountabilities -Provide therapeutic market analysis and insight as well as sales forecasting as a business partner to support decision ...

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  • Manager, GTM/SPD/Strategic Resource Planning an...

    8000000 - 11000000

    General Position Summary: Manager position at one of the most profitable pharmaceutical company from Germany <Must requirement> 「SQL + R or Python」 Key Job Accountabilities -Work with stakeholders across organization to identify opportunities on d...

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  • SCM Planning Manager

    11000000 - 12000000

    General Position Summary: SCM planning manager role in a global generics pharmaceutical company lately expanding its share including Japan. Department: SCM department Report to: Director of SCM department Overall Job responsibility: Major Job assi...

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  • Demand Planning Manager

    8000000 - 10000000

    General Position Summary: Demand planning manager role in an American company which deals with confectionery, food, beverage. The Demand Planning Manager is responsible for the following: Manage the demand planning process and lead the Demand Plan...

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  • 鮮魚カテゴリーマネージャーorスペシャリスト

    5000000 - 8000000

    職務内容 鮮魚, 凍魚商品の仕入れ担当者として、お客様(主に飲食店経営者や料理人)の要望に マッチする商品・サービスを提供する為、 部門統括者ならびに鮮魚マネージャーの指揮のもと、以下の業務を遂行する: - 年間計画策定 - 売上・利益・在庫管理・顧客満足等の指標に関する予実管理と カウンター・メジャーの立案・実行 - サプライヤー(商社、メーカー、卸、生産者等)との仕入れ商品・価格の交渉 - 供給ルート開拓、構築 - アソートメント(売場品揃え)および売上、利益、予算管理 - 仕入計画な...

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