Victoria K.

Phone: 080-4446-6717
Position Consultant - Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation
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Victoria is a consultant in the Supply Chain Management team with a special focus on retail and luxury. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, her fascination with people and culture brought her to Tokyo. She is dedicated, friendly and looking forward to helping you with your career.

Latest Jobs from Victoria

    FocusCore JP
  • Transport Analyst / トランスポーテーション分析

    5,000,000 - 6,000,000

    Does this job seem bit different for you? You also have choices below the description... General Position Summary: Transport Analyst position in an American fashion retail company. Responsibilities: ・Answer to all inquiries from freight forwarders...

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  • Logistics and Quality Control Manager / ロジスティクス...


    General Position Summary: Logistics/Quality Control Manager position in Italian Confictionery Company Responsibilities: ・All logistics/quality control related work in cooperation with other supply chain/logistics specialists ・Individual contributo...

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  • Demand Planner


    Job Summary: Lead the local Demand Planning process, working with different departments for the maximum sales at a global fashion footwear company. Key Roles and Responsibilities: Create and maintain the local demand plans and forecasts with consi...

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  • Customer Service Staff / カスタマーサービススタッフ

    4500000 - 5500000

    General Position Salary: Customer Service Staff position at European Luxury Company's Watch/Jewelry section. Responsibilities: ・Correspondence about repair inquiries and how to use the product ・Repair reception desk by telephone or email Data entr...

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  • Master Data Service Specialist / マスターデータサービススペシ...

    4000000 - 6000000

    General Position Summary: Master Data Service Specialist position at International Food Shipping Company. Responsibilities: MD Service Specialists perform Article and Supplier listing, maintenance and deletion ・Focuses on the Article listing, main...

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