Wayne Yoshida.

Position Director - Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation
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Supply Chain Wayne™  has a focus in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and a specialization in Transportation. He helps to match organizations both start-up and developed with skilled, experienced candidates. 

Latest Jobs from Wayne

    FocusCore JP
  • Sales Channel Manager- Contract Logistics

    7000000 to 11000000

    • A commercial leadership role that has overall responsibility for a defined customer portfolio and required commercial/selling activities within Japan. • This role offers a challenge to build a unique integrated global container logistics company...

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  • 4PL Import Team Leader

    5000000 to 7500000

    We offer You will be able to dig in new model as 4PL. A challenge to take this opportunity will grow you up in terms of both generalist and specialist. You will work with colleagues who are in all over the world and variety of positions which will...

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  • Customer Service Manager


    1) Arrange/adjust CSR’s workflow and allocate staffs job volume. 2) Email checking and handling. A) carefully read the emails to get needed information B) Forward emails to relative colleagues and monitor the cases mentioned in the email whether h...

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  • Business Development Manager - Contract Logistics

    5000000 to 7000000

    JOB DESCRIPTION This position is the sales executive responsible to develop existing or new Contract Logistics business within the given vertical (industry segment) and country. He / She is the primary contact within a country with regard to Contr...

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  • 倉庫オペレーションマネジャー / Operation Manager

    400000 - 600000

    職種 倉庫オペレーションマネジャー 雇用形態 正社員(常勤・常雇) 職務内容 ・倉庫ロジスティクスオペレーション管理業務(入出荷・返品・在庫管理及び配送(アパレル・流通小売の経験があれば尚可)) ・チーム統括管理:複数の特定カテゴリチーム(10~20人程度x3~4チーム)の管理、物・心両面の補佐 ・タスク及び課題管理 本職は、将来的にセンター全体のオペレーションを統括するマネージャー及びリーダーとして活躍することや提案型の営業活動が出来るようになることを目指す志の高い人材が期待されています...

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