Country Sea Freight Manager

Job title : Country Sea Freight Manager
Job type : Permanent
Discipline Logistics & Supply Chain
Salary : 6,000,000 to 8,000,000
Reference : JOB_006975[22]

Key responsibilities Strategy & Steering

■ Hold full product P&L responsibility of respective geography

■ Define Sea Freight strategy and ensure locally adapted but consistent Sea Freight strategy definition and execution on lower organizational levels

■ Provide binding standards and guidelines for the company Sea Freight business activities (e.g. product design and development, pricing, target customer segments/markets/trade lanes, monitoring instruments and KPIs, SOPs – based on precepts from above level) and ensure execution on lower organizational levels

■ Develop a globally standardized organizational structure for Sea Freight and ensure locally adapted but consistent execution on lower organizational levels

■ Engage with Country MDs to define budget targets and conduct the forecast for the Sea Freight P&L

■ Evaluate bottom-up budget plan and trigger a discussion with Country MD in case of adjustment needs

■ Ensure preparation of monthly reporting packages, conduct business performance reviews with disciplinary/functional direct reports resp. participate in business performance reviews with management on a level above

■ Monitor overall Sea Freight product performance in reference to all relevant strategies and targets

■ Represent product on respective level, both internally and externally ■ Initiate and lead product-relevant projects

■ Proactively foster and support company-wide/regional/country initiatives and projects

Leadership in the matrix

■ Foster collaboration between Geos/General Management, Products, Sales and Supporting functions (“matrix mindset”)

■ Decide jointly with Country MDs on HR matters (e.g. hiring/ termination, target setting, performance appraisals) for Sea Freight Manager and Sea Freight ops team in branch

■ Provide functional direction/guidance on SF business matters and define functional development (e.g. training) for Sea Freight Manager and Sea Freight ops team in branch

■ Define succession/replacement, recruiting and personnel development needs for disciplinary direct reports and coordinate with HR

■ Act as escalation level and support conflict resolution for conflicts/stalemates between SF and Geo/Sales/Supporting Function responsible on a lower organizational level

Product Development & Pricing

■ Develop resp. support development of SF products and services, which satisfy market/customer needs (in collaboration with Sales)

■ Approve and coordinate the market launch of new/altered products and ensure locally adapted but consistent implementation on lower organizational levels

■ Decide on continuation/alteration/termination of existing SF products and services and ensure adherence on lower organizational levels

■ Procure capacities from vendors within the product’s respective supply chain ■ Manage vendor relations and measure vendors’ performances

■ Provide binding standards and guidelines on door-to-door pricing logic (e.g. minimum margin, negotiation boundaries for Sales)

Customer acquisition & implementation

■ Cooperate with Sales to align product and sales strategies and develop adequate sales targets

■ Steer sales focus (e.g. focus trade lanes)

■ Support Sales in the customer acquisition/retention process, if needed

■ Assess tender opportunities and decide on participation (after conferring with Geo/Sales/Finance/Legal)

■ Assess and approve customer individual requirements deviating from product standards (price, service configuration)

■ Ensure processing of tenders (respective Product in the lead for own product), incl. coordination with other stakeholders (default; pure tender processing coordination might alternatively lie with Sales)

■ Define negotiation boundaries for Sales
■ Monitor customer implementation (via A/S BPM & CI and/or respective Country MD)

■ Monitor customer profitability after implementation
■ Manage customer contracts


■ Provide binding product-related SOPs/quality standards and ensure adherence to lower organizational levels

■ Define operational performance KPIs and targets and ensure adherence on lower organizational levels, follow-up on deviations (within functional responsibility for operations) and continuously optimize operational performance

■ If branches disciplinarily report directly to Product: Steer operations on a daily basis
■ Functionally steer product-dedicated BPM resources to improve operational processes
■ Review contracts with customers reg. compliance to price/service agreements and take action in case of deviations