Customer Experience Manager

Job title : Customer Experience Manager
Location : Tokyo
Job type : Permanent
Discipline Sales & Marketing
Salary : 5,500,000 - 7,500,000
Contact : David Sweet
Email : email David
Reference : JOB_006265[3]

Imagine having the ability to control a customer’s experience when they enter a store, how they perceive the brand, and in the process, helping the company make more sales. If that excites you, then this is the role for you. This is a stand alone position with a leading European kitchenware manufacturer. You’ll report directly to the General Manager. This is an exciting position where every day is unique and each project can directly impact company performance and customer behavior. Such a role gives you a chance to work with clients, look at business data, manage projects, help the sales team, and project for future performance. 

Such a person should have a can-do attitude, a customer-centric point of view , think creatively, be able to teach others, and act as a concierge for the customers. In fact, your background may be in hotels or some other customer-service industry. The important thing is to have that strong customer mindset. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Your responsibilities vary from day-to-day, but duties typically involve:

Liaise with Customers

Oversee the customer service operations within the business, dealing with how they experience interact with the stores. Implement services and plan projects more effectively, often setting up “discovery sessions” with key stakeholders to identify issues and ways to improve.

Analyze Business Data

In order to gain a clear overview of the company’s status, engagement managers analyze financial data, such as revenue, expenditures, and project budgets, to write more relevant and accurate proposals. From this data, they can create and implement an action plan, once they’ve gained the client’s agreement for each initiative within the project.

Manage Projects

A key aspect of the role is to build productivity within shops. 

Identify Upselling Opportunities

Identify new concepts for products and find ways to upsell or cross-sell to increase revenue and build brand awareness. They also recommend new systems and procedures to amplify productivity, which may include organizational changes to make these processes more efficient.

Prepare Reports on Project Performance

Track the progress of each project and work to manage the resources and timescale for each one, including the teams working on them. Prepare reports on these projects to identify achievements and goals met as well as to highlight any areas for improvement going forward.


Skills and Qualifications

Have strong communicators, both written and verbal, with great leadership skills and the ability to multitask. 

  • Organization skills – engagement managers need to multitask and organize both their time and the schedule of the project, as they often work on various projects and with multiple people at once. Strong organization skills are a must to ensure that all tasks are completed to the appropriate deadline
  • Customer-oriented approach – excellent business-to-customer relationships to succeed and build revenue, so engagement managers must keep the customer at the forefront of their mind when developing plans and identifying opportunities to win new clients
  • Business acumen – need a keen understanding of what to do in any business situation, as each project will have unforeseen circumstances or challenges that are unique to that industry. This requires making adjustments and knowing what options are available to implement the appropriate plan changes
  • Problem-solving skills – as issues arise between teams or within the project, engagement managers must find solutions and liaise with team members to quickly mitigate these challenges so they don’t affect project outcomes