Supply Chain & SOP manager, Japan

Job title : Supply Chain & SOP manager, Japan
Job type : Permanent
Discipline Logistics & Supply Chain
Salary : 12,000,000 to 15,000,000
Reference : JOB_007264[633]

Position Overview

In this role, you will manage the end-to-end supply planning for Japan markets with a particular focus on supply planning, demandplanning and inbound/outbound logistics, customs clearance and warehouse and distribution aiming to reliably meet the followingobjectives:

  • Support sales growth through improved product availability.
    • Improve our cost base throUgh reduced transportation, warehousing and write-off cost
    • Improve working capital through optimized inventory

Primary duties 

Demand/ Supply planning

  • Develop demand forecast at PNC level using historical sales data, statistical forecasting techniques and business intelligence to create a baseline forecast. Work with Product, Sales and Marketing to get inputs on promotions, competitor developments and other business intelligence to create the rolling 12 month demand plan. Actively drive customer collaboration initiatives to help improve forecast accuracy.
    • Set the appropriate inventory targets to ensure service commitments in line with budget/forecasts whilst optimizing working capital (NOWC%, slow moving).
  • Develop the supply plans needed to maintain the optimal inventory levels and ensUre timely placing of purchase orders to internal and external suppliers.
  • Develop an effective relationship with suppliers (internal and external) and inform them of changes to the supply forecast on a timely basis. Monitor the performance levels of the suppliers and escalate supply issues in a constructive manner as and when they arise.
  • Actively participate in the regional Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) cycle by ensUring reqUested data is accurate/up-to-date and provided to other stakeholders in a timely manner, explain deviations and anomalies and provide solutions or propositions.
    • Work with Product Line and Sales to create an optimal supply base and product portfolio aimed at improving stock turns, reducing obsolescence and scrapping cost.
  • Work with country Sales (and the trade) as well as the 3PL partners to redUce product/packaging damage and returns as well as optimize the supply routing and stocking policies to meet the demand at the lowest possible cost and inventory levels.
    • Facilitate and lead the regional STOP process, covering each of the key elements (Product Review, Demand Review, Supply Review.)

    Logistics, Warehousing /t Transportation

    • Conduct purchasing activities in accordance with reqUirements for both finished products and spare parts. Align with the suppliers and freighI forwarders to ensure timely departure and arrival of the supplies at the desired destination.

    Work with our customs brokers to ensure goods are cleared quickly and efficiently. EnsUre the necessary certificates, import licenses, etc. are acquired in time and maintained to ensure smooth supplies and low operational cost.

    • Manage our 3PL partners to ensure day-to-day logistics activities across in-bound logistics, warehousing operations,distribUtion, retUrns and docUment management (including PODs) are executed in line with ag reed performancelevels/contracted Service Level Agreements (SLA) whilst continuously driving down our cost base.
      • As and when appropriate facilitate and drive the KPL RFP process  to  ensure  rates  are  competitive  and services meet the necessary standards.


      • Understand customers’ needs, service those needs, and maintain and develop positive business relationships with a customer’s key personnel involved in or directly relevant to supply chain activities.
        • Drive a better working model and collaboration to optimize supply chain management with other functions (sales, finance, product line, and service center) and with regional/ global counterparts.
        • Pro-actively collaborate with supply chain stall, other departments and senior management to clarify and align on management objectives, to share and absorb information about bUsiness developments and performance and to highlight and address issues and opportunities.
          • Active involvement in the hiring, training, supervision, mentoring, and performance evaluations of supply chain staff.
        • Use given key performance indicators (local, regional, sector), monitor and report ongoing performance and improve performance against set goals
      • Manage a team of 5-6 team members, including supply and demand planning, logistic and product import management, together with regional supply and Ops/various factories and day to day order management
        • Identify and manage risk within the supply chain. Highlight and address unethical/unlawful practices.