Analyst, Demand Planning

Job Title: Analyst, Demand Planning
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Shinjuku, Japan
Industry: Supply Chain Management
Salary: 4000000 - 6000000
Reference: 10288
Contact Name: Mike Byrnes
Job Published 25th May 2018


Position Title: Analyst, Demand Planning
Department: Planning & Analytics
Reports To: Director of Demand Planning

The person in this position is responsible for:

- Collecting and understanding the inputs to the forecasting process
- Producing forecasts of sales forecast and consumer demand (menu item) and related analyses that will lead to improved decisions of customer
- Managing relationships with key customers and partners ... especially those who provide the inputs to the forecasting process

The person in this position has a variety of responsibilities related to production of forecasts and analysis, including the following:

- Collect and understand the inputs and variables to the forecasting process
- Use available information and statistical models to produce high-quality forecasts
- Produce forecasts at the national level and monitor both national and restaurant-daily-menu item level
- Conduct analysis of promotional impact such as mobile coupons and apply promotional lifts
- Use exceptions-management tools to ensure the quality of forecasts
- Use a standardized process for analyzing promotional impact... specific deliverables include recommendations for the following
- Simulation of promotion forecast
- Post promotion analysis of sales decomposition
- Post promotion analysis of errors, sales drivers and opportunities
- Identify and update prices for forecast
- Work with Director, Demand Planning to ensure that appropriate measures of activity that will impact promotions are available and incorporated into the forecasts
- Work with Analytics and Supply Chain Services Manager to present forecasts to internal groups... demonstrate that they are reasonable, given all available information
- Work with Director, Demand Planning to perform detailed post-analyses of forecast errors and planning assumptions; incorporate learning from these analyses into appropriate processes
- Work with others within the organization to resolve issues

- Work closely with other employees to ensure successful completion of Analytics and Supply Chain Services’ deliverables
- Present deliverables to internal groups, and to appropriate decision-makers on the customer’s side
- Work closely with the customer’s Business Insight to ensure alignment of forecasting processes and analytic processes • Participate in customer meetings


Knowledge and Experience:
-  Three years experience in an applied quantitative discipline in a for-profit business environment
-  Strong analytic and problem solving skills
-  Proven ability to apply quantitative methods to solving significant business problems - Strong statistics knowledge

- Bachelor’s degree in operations research, statistics, economics, applied mathematics or a quantitative social science
(Soft skills--not technical) Preferred
- Three years experience presenting results of business analyses to non-technical clients

- sales forecasting
- production planning
- supply chain analysis
- test market analysis
- new product forecasting
- promotion evaluation
- Excel VBA skills
- Strong SAS and SQL skills members
- Proven ability to develop cross-functional teamwork within the organization
- Proven ability to manage individual and team performance within measurement-oriented organization
- Well-developed client management skills
- Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with diverse audiences