Assistant Manager, E-Commerce Operation / Eコマースオペレーション アシスタントマネジャー

Job Title: Assistant Manager, E-Commerce Operation / Eコマースオペレーション アシスタントマネジャー
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Chiba / Tokyo, Japan
Salary: 6000000 - 7000000
Reference: 11152
Contact Name: Task Watanabe
Job Published: May 24, 2019 09:00

Job Description

General Position Summary:
Assistant Manager position specializes in E-Commerce Operation with European Luxury Company. Be the primary liaison between us and the 3PL, ensures that the 3PL meets our performance and operational expectations. 

・Overseeing facility and account managers at the 3PL and closely interfacing with E-commerce team
・Understanding and providing leadership support at 3PL, provide guidance and solutions to reported issues.
・Work closely with 3PL with forecast on volume, seasonality, events to prevent any capacity and materials shortage issue
・Order Management:
  - Assess and train facility associates in picking, packing and the pack/hold process
  - Conduct dock and pack/hold inspections to ensure shipment accuracy and alignment with our SOPs.
  - Develop a schedule and priorities for order preparation.
  - Work closely with Ginza store for “longtail” order fulfillment
  - Supervise and monitor return process management.
・Inventory Management:
  - Reconcile information between the 3PL’s WMS & POS/EC systems, adjust the data when necessary 
  - Ensure high quality of work and maintain accuracy and integrity of inventory
  - Maintain a solid understanding of current inventory levels and ensure that receipts, outbound orders and product catalog are accurately reflected in brand POS and WMS at all times.
・Reporting & Communication:
  - Build process for the overall monitoring, alerting, management and escalation of all inventory and order issues.
  - Ensure the 3PL is managing their Daily Operations in alignment with our priorities and needs.
  - Drives KPI reviews with 3PL and ensures they have appropriate action plans.
  - Deliver on KPIs relative to inventory accuracy, on-time delivery, packaging, etc.
  - Drives strategic reviews and analysis with 3PL to understand capacity & financial opportunities and risks.
  - Drives continuous improvement actions with 3PL.
  - Validate 3PL’s invoices and control the operational cost.  

Required Experiences/Skills:
・BA/BS degree with Supply Chain, Engineering; Logistics, Technology, Operations, or related experience
・4-5 years of experience in warehousing operations with a sound working knowledge of material handling procedures, computer systems (WMS, POS, OMS), and related functions.
・Strong Comprehensive knowledge of warehouse operation function and inventory, experience with 3PL management is preferred.
・Proficient in all Microsoft Office Products including MS Word and advanced proficiency in Excel.
・Strong management experience, analytical skill, process management, TPM, lean or six sigma experience preferred
・Knowledgeable of a direct to consumer fulfillment operation
・Excellent interpersonal skills are essential
・Strong organization / planning, multi-tasking skills, proactive, attention to detail, high adaptability and follow through to resolve any outstanding issues
・Fluent Japanese. Business English level oral and written required 
・Drive for results
・Process oriented
・Dealing with ambiguity
・Relationship and influence

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  - ピッキング、梱包、および梱包/保管プロセスにおける施設の従業員の評価とトレーニング
  - 出荷の正確性と当社のSOPとの整合性を確保するために、ドックおよび梱包/保管検査を実施
  - 注文準備のスケジュールと優先順位を作成します。
  - 「ロングテール」注文履行のために銀座店と密接に連携する
  - 返品プロセス管理を監督および監視する。
  -  3PLのWMSとPOS / ECシステム間で情報を調整し、必要に応じてデータを調整する
  - 高品質の作業を保証し、在庫の正確性と完全性を維持する
  - 現在の在庫レベルをしっかりと把握し、領収書、出荷注文、および製品カタログが常にPOSおよびWMSのブランドに正確に反映されるようにします。
  - すべての在庫と注文の問題の全体的な監視、警告、管理、およびエスカレーションのためのプロセスを構築
  -  3PLが当社の優先事項とニーズに沿って日常業務を管理していることを確認
  -  KPIレビューを3PLで推進し、適切な行動計画を立てます。
  - 在庫の正確性、納期厳守、梱包などに関してKPIを提供する。
  - キャパシティと経済的機会、およびリスクを理解するために、3PLによる戦略的レビューと分析を推進
  -  3PLで継続的な改善行動を推進
  -  3PLの請求書を検証し、運用コストを管理

・MS Wordを含むすべてのMicrosoft Office製品に精通しており、かつExcelに精通していること
・優れた管理経験、分析能力、プロセス管理、TPM、リーンまたはSix Sigma経験が望ましい