Business Development Senior Manager / ビジネスデベロップメント・シニアマネージャー

Job Title: Business Development Senior Manager / ビジネスデベロップメント・シニアマネージャー
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Supply Chain Management
Salary: 12000000 - 15000000
Reference: 11176
Contact Name: Wayne Yoshida
Job Published 05 Jun 2019


General Position Summary:
Business Development Senior Manager position at American 3PL company

・Identify customers with high acquisition rates
・We hold a research meeting to identify the cause of customer's trouble and how we can help solve the problem
・Evaluate BD Head, Sector Head and Opportunity to determine the possibility of winning projects
・Proposal submission and selling, explaining the value of our solution to customers
・Always familiar with the customer's industry, market trends and potential competitors
・Build relationships with multiple target customers to secure a sound pipeline for 3-5 years
・Understanding the important movements in the logistics industry, appointed sectors expect change and cooperate in formulating solutions
・Work with the responsible sector to work together to meet customer requirements and expectations
・Work in close collaboration with IT, purchasing, solution design, human resources departments such as human resources in order to submit persuasive proposals to customers
・Ensure relationships on smooth and transparent work with the APAC region
・Optimal solution for customers (price / quality / complexity)
・Work in close coordination with solution design to meet customer requirements

Required Experience / Skills:
・3+ years of experience in logistics sales / business development
・Coordination skills between different departments
・ Presentation skills (internal and external)
・ Interpersonal skills
・ Analytical ability
・ Communication ability in Japanese / English
・ Knowledge of supply chain
・ Financial knowledge
・ Advanced communication skills in English (speaking & writing)
・ High sales mindset, customer focus
・ Results oriented
・ Team player
・ Take initiative and take initiative

Preferred Experience / Skills:
・Bachelor's degree in corporate management, engineering, etc.
・Technological and medical equipment skills

・Future career path
 - BD head
 - Account management in the sector

----------Japanese below----------


・顧客の業界、 市場の推移、潜在的競合他社 について常に精通していること
・ロジスティクス業界における重要な動きの理解、任命されたセクターが変化を予期し、ソ リューションの策定に協力 
・顧客の要件および期待に応えるために担当セ クターと協力し、一緒に取り組む
・顧客へ説得力のある提案書を提出するためにIT、購買、ソリューション・デザイン、人事等社内関係部門と緊密な連携のもとで 作業する
・APACリージョンとともに 円滑で透明性のある仕事上に関係を確保する
・顧客の要件を満たすためにソリューション・ デザインと緻密な連携の下で作業する

・プレゼン テーション スキル (社内外)
・英語での高度 なコミュニケーション能力(話す&書く)

・テクノロジーおよび 医療機器に関するスキル

- BDヘッド
 - セクターでのアカウントマネジメント