Consultant, Solution Design

Job Title: Consultant, Solution Design
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Japan
Industry: Supply Chain Management
Salary: 7000000 to 11000000
Reference: 11716
Contact Name: Wayne Yoshida
Job Published 07 Feb 2020


Role Purpose: 

To innovate.   

Interact with customers and analyse data to understand their needs.  Imagine compelling solutions at the intersection of technology, supply chain, and new business models.

Design warehouses, transport networks, and supply chain processes.  Calculate costs, and determine pricing strategy.  Develop supply chain solutions spanning warehouse design, transport networks, Process Mapping.   

Leverage strong analytical and communication skills to sell services, win new business, and support implementation of successful projects.  Build internal cost and pricing models, and operational process documentation, and support internal new business approval process.   

Applicant has an opportunity to join a team at the forefront of the company growth and innovation plans, and specialise in the areas of Supply Chain Solutions that interest them most.


Must-have Skills:

  1. Data Analysis 
  2. Interest in Logistics in at a detailed operational level
  3. Microsoft Office (advanced level of Excel and PowerPoint)


Key Skills (applicant should have some but not necessarily all of below skills):

  1. English language Proficiency
  2. Korean language Proficiency
  3. VBA, RPA or other programming
  4. Big Data Analysis (Power BI, Tableau etc.)
  5. Warehouse Design / CAD
  6. Transport Network Modeling
  7. Supply Chain Consulting
  8. Automation and Robotics
  9. Operational Kaizen (Logistics Related)


Work Experience (applicant should have at least one of the below):

  1. Work experience at a Logistics Provider
  2. Work experience at a company that provides technology or services to Logistics Providers (e.g. MHE, Racking, Robotics, WMS/ TMS / Supply Chain Software company) 
  3. Work experience related to industrial design or architecture
  4. Work experience at the Supply Chain or Logistics Department of a company



職務タイトル: コンサルタント、ソリューションデザイン 









  1. データ分析
  2. オペレーションの詳細な部分まで対応するロジスティクスに関心がある
  3. マイクロソフトオフィス(エクセルとパワーポイントは上級レベル)



  1. 英語力
  2. 韓国語力
  3. VBA、RPAまたはその他のプログラミング
  4. ビッグデータ分析(Power BI、Tableau等)
  5. 倉庫デザイン/CAD
  6. トランスポートネットワークのモデル策定
  7. サプライチェーンコンサルタント業務
  8. 自動化とロボット技術
  9. オペレーションの改善(ロジスティクス関連)



  1. ロジスティクスプロバイダーにおける職務経験
  2. ロジスティクスプロバイダーへ技術またはサービスを提供する企業での職務経験(例、マテハン機器、ラッキング、ロボット技術、WMS/TMS/サプライチェーンソフトウェア企業)
  3. インダストリアルデザインまたは建築関連の職務経験
  4. サプライチェーン企業または企業のロジスティクス部門での職務経験