Customer Service Supervisor

Job Title: Customer Service Supervisor
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Koto-ku, Japan
Industry: Supply Chain Management
Salary: 5500000 - 6000000
Reference: 10878
Contact Name: Agnes Lewandowski
Job Published 18th Dec 2018


Position Summary: 

Internationally operating specialist logistics company specializing in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Clients are looking for a Customer Service Supervisor for their Tokyo Office. The incumbent will supervise and coordinate customer service activities, focus on customer satisfaction, support the corporate mission, goals, and management decisions. The position holder will ensure that all tasks are completed in the most cost effect, timely, and correct manager and that the customers satisfaction is upheld at all times. 


The holder of this position must complete his obligations in such a way that:

  • his shift is managed smoothly and in the intended way;
  • all tasks in his position are completed in a correct, timely, rapid and cost-efficient manner;
  • the number of customers is increased and the loyalty to the customers is established;
  • the customer receives the maximum amount of service-quality;
  • existing equipment and available instruments are used most efficiently during shift;
  • all relevant guidelines are strictly followed;
  • new guidelines and technologies are immediately implemented;
  • customer service is constantly available.

The holder of this position must inform and advise the Customer Service Manager / Branch Manager in such a way that he is aware of:

  • customer complaints regarding services and procedures
  • extraordinary occurrences during shift.

The holder of this position must coordinate the cooperation between his area of work with all other areas of the corporation in such a manner that the flow of information is always free of friction, unimpeded, and a holistically positive coordination is assured.

Tasks and competencies:

The holder of the position must independently execute the following tasks:

He/she decides regarding

  • necessary measures for quality maintenance during his shift
  • general employment and task focus of co-workers during his shift
  • solutions for existing problems during his shift.

He/she advises the Customer Service Manager / Branch Manager in the following issues:

  • scheduling and enforcement of net and replacement investments
  • implementation of new procedures and guidelines
  • personnel planning
  • planning and execution of staff training

He/she checks during his shift:

  • compliance with prescribed quality standards and issues as per ISO 9001
  • compliance with all transport related regulations and guidelines
  • correct preparation and execution of quotes
  • observation of working hours of staff
  • efficient time management
  • correct documentation flow
  • clean and safe work area

The holder of the position

    • is fully collaborating during shift
    • plans, prepares and devises shift schedules
    • issues instructions and assigns duties to co-workers
    • observes and evaluates co-worker’s performance
    • helps co-workers in resolving problems and completing work
    • does training and coaching of new employees
    • schedules and conducts shift meetings
    • interprets and communicates work procedures and company policies to staff
    • reflects co-workers’ suggestions for improvement and forwards these to appropriate management level
    • assures information flow to “Sales” in terms of customer related details.

Individual tasks:

The holder of the position is obligated to perform, in addition to the above described tasks, individual tasks assigned by his superiors, which are to be seen by their nature as part of his work area, or which arise out of necessity.

Special competences:

The holder of the position has access to all confidential records, which he needs for the execution of his tasks:

  • Customer database
  • Inter- and Intranet

Organizational structure:

The Customer Service Supervisor is subordinate to the Customer Service Manager / Branch Manager

Subordinate to the Customer Service Supervisor are:

  • Customer Service Executive
  • Customer Service Representative