Cyber Security Consultant/ Senior Consultant

Job Title: Cyber Security Consultant/ Senior Consultant
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Industry: IT
Salary: 8000000 - 14000000
Reference: 10356
Contact Name: Vinod Kumar
Job Published 21th Mar 2019


Roles and Responsibilities

● As a professional in the cyber security field, we provide various cyber security advisory services (representative examples below) according to clients' needs and circumstances.
 Cyber ​​assessment service
  - cyber attack defense posture assessment
  - cyber invasion test / mobile security diagnosis
  - security evaluation of overseas bases -
 cyber management service
  - support of cyber security management structure building
  - support of cyber security policy formulation
  - assistance of CISO   -
 cyber integration service
- global Cyber
  Threat Intelligence
  - Education and Enlightenment on Cyber ​​Attacks
 Cyber ​​Response Service
  - Support for Building a Cyber ​​Security Incident Response Structure
  - Cyber ​​Security Forensic
  - Formulation and Development of Preventive Measures

Recent developments in the cyber security field Always keep track of, self-study as a professional.
● devise and present effective remedial measures to accurately understand and resolve clients' business and security issues.
● Communicate with clients through appropriate dialogue and business documents as a professional.
● Participate in multiple projects at the same time, to maximize performance in time constraints.
● Collaborate with other project members and pursue efficient and high-quality results.
● Have flexible thinking and take appropriate actions based on situation recognition.
● Act spontaneously and autonomously, actively solve problems themselves.

- Having practical experience in the cyber security field for more than a certain period of time.

- Having one or more professional qualifications in the cyber security field (CISSP , CISM, CISA, information security specialists etc.

- Not limited to these) - Have adequate knowledge on security industry best practices and frameworks (ISO 27001/27002, personal information protection, PCIDSS, NIST etc)

- IT Have sufficient knowledge in the field

  - サイバー攻撃防御態勢アセスメント
  - サイバー侵入テスト/モバイルセキュリティ診断
  - 海外拠点のセキュリティ評価
  - サイバーセキュリティマネジメント体制構築支援
  - サイバーセキュリティポリシー策定支援
  - CISO補佐
  - グローバルなサイバーセキュリティ態勢の変革
  - サイバー脅威インテリジェンス
  - サイバー攻撃に関する教育・啓発
  - サイバーセキュリティインシデント対応体制構築支援
  - サイバーセキュリティフォレンジック
  - 再発防止策の策定、展開

- サイバーセキュリティ分野における実務上の経験を一定期間以上有すること(シニアコンサルタントは5年以上、コンサルタントは3年以上。)
- サイバーセキュリティ分野における専門的資格を一つ以上有すること(CISSPCISMCISA、情報セキュリティスペシャリストなど。ただし、これらに限定しない。)
- セキュリティ業界のベストプラクティスやフレームワーク(ISO27001/27002、個人情報保護、PCIDSSNISTなど)に関する十分な知識を有すること
- IT分野における十分な知識を有するこ