HRBP / HRビジネス・パートナー

Job Title: HRBP / HRビジネス・パートナー
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Human Resources
Salary: 7000000 - 10000000
Reference: 11027
Contact Name: Jack Stone
Job Published 06th Jun 2019




  • 採用:組織のニーズの特定を補助し、JDを作成し、管理職を雇うようアドバイスし、採用プロセスを最適化および管理し、最終的に優秀な候補者で適時にポジションを埋める
  • 従業員のライフサイクル:海外で採用された候補者の再配置、オンボーディング、出席管理、業績管理活動の監督、給与管理の監督、定期的な賞与および福利厚生の見直しの実施
  • 企業文化とコンプライアンス:職場環境を見守り、会社の文化に貢献し、社内の信頼できる基準点として機能し、人事規則/方針についてスタッフに情報を提供し、記録を維持し、会社が適切な労働や職場環境に関する法に準拠するようにする
  • 会社の戦略的目的を達成し、生産的かつ信頼できる関係維持を支援するために人事活動を開発し実行することによって会社の経営に参加する

  • 適切な英語レベル・日本語がネイティブレベル、また両方でのライティングが堪能な方
  • 採用担当者としての経験:できれば消費者向け技術分野、スタートアップ、またはゲーム系での経験
  • 優れた管理スキルと組織スキル、優れた問題解決スキル、効果的なコミュニケーションスキル
  • ビジネス、人事または関連分野のBA / BSc学位

  • 中国語スキル

The newly launched gaming division of one of the world's leading technology companies is looking for a new HR business partner to join the team.

We are looking for an ambitious HR business partner to oversee all human resources operations and ensure they’re aligned with our business goals, finding and retaining great colleagues, and ensuring they have an attractive and satisfying work environment.

The ideal candidate will have solid experience with the sourcing and recruitment of engineers, and exposure to other HR activities (employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefits, etc.). You will communicate with senior managers to express new ideas and suggest solutions, considering budget limitations and our company culture.

You should be able to advise the team on human resources management and organizational changes, working across the whole company to help people grow as professionals while they aggressively pursue our strategic objectives.

We are a hybrid organization trying to capture the best of both our shareholders: a large Japanese corporation and a nimble American startup. Your role will often be exposed to both sides, and to ensure we can continue to pursue its own objectives.

HR Business Partner responsibilities are:

    • Oversee and execute all HR activities
    • Recruiting: help the organization identify needs, write job descriptions, advise hiring managers, optimize and administer the recruitment process, and ultimately ensure positions are filled in a timely fashion with great candidates
    • Employee lifecycle: oversee the relocation of candidates recruited overseas, onboard new colleagues, oversee attendance, lead performance management activities, oversee payroll, conduct regular compensation & benefits reviews, organize training and help staff develop their career, conduct exit interviews
    • Company culture and compliance: look after the work environment and contribute to the company culture, serve as trusted reference point within the company, keep staff informed about HR regulations/policies, maintain records, ensure the company complies with applicable labor and workplace laws and regulations
    • Participate in the company's management by developing and executing HR activities to achieve the company's strategic objectives, and assist in maintaining a productive and trusting relationships


    • Good level of English, near-native level of Japanese, strong writing skills in both languages, command of Chinese a big plus
    • Experience as a recruiter, preferably in consumer tech, startups, or gaming
    • Excellent management and organizational skill, great problem-solving skills, effective communication skills
    • BA/BSc degree in Business, Human Resources or a related field