HRBP / HRビジネス・パートナー

Job Title: HRBP / HRビジネス・パートナー
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Human Resources
Salary: 6000000 - 8000000
Reference: 11031
Contact Name: Aga Charytoniuk
Job Published 04th Jun 2019



  • タレントパイプラインの要件の管理予測および計画のプロセスへの理解と支援
  • HRBPの指示の下でSAPとやり取りされる、ポジションと関連する属性の観点による組織データの管理
  • C&Bの支援
  • タレントマネジメントと開発の支援
  • 従業員関係の支援

  • 労働法、C&B、人事業務、およびその実践的な実装への理解
  • 日本語と英語両方の上級レベルのスキル
  • 大卒以上
  • 中級PCスキル(Word / Excel / Powerpoint)
  • SAP

Our client is a foreign luxury brand and is looking for HRBP junior level.

Key responsibilties:
Assist to HR Planning
- Understand and assist to the process of the management forecasting and planning of talent pipeline requirements
- Manage organizational data in terms positions and related attributes, which are interfaced to SAP under direction of HRBP.
- Assist in C&B 
- Assist in Talent Management and Development
- Assist to Employee Relations

Required skills:
- Understanding of Labor Law, Compensation & Benefit, HR operations, and its hands-on implementation
- Advanced level of both Japanese and English
- University degree
- Intermediate PC skills (Word/Excel/Powerpoint)