Marketing Manager (BM / CRM / SNS)

Job Title: Marketing Manager (BM / CRM / SNS)
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Japan
Salary: 4500000 - 7500000
Reference: 10215
Contact Name: Carol Turado
Job Published: May 21, 2018 09:00

Job Description

As a leader in the marketing department of Company as a whole, he/she will deeply cooperate with management team and will be in charge of a wide range of marketing and PR work.

<Specific job content>
· Marketing using the Web, promotion in general
· Strategy planning for acquiring new customers, expanding business (Omni Channel), Execution
· Develop and execute strategies for continuing customer expansion
· Various promotion activities in general
· General SEM operations
· Web marketing for overseas
· Market research management · analysis · reporting
· Communication with related departments
· Other related activities in general
■ MUST condition:
1. B to B or B to C marketing practical experience (over 3 years)
2. Web marketing experience or related work experience (those who can develop strategy etc.)
3. Knowledge related to digital media · social media
4. Business level English proficiency

■ Welcome:
1. Measures to improve corporate brand power Implementation experience
2. Management experience
3. CRM related work experience

■ Person you are looking for:
(1) Those interested in omni channel marketing
(2) Those who think that they want to conduct web marketing with a large discretion

■ Annual income · Salary: Decide within the process taking account of experience and ability

- Big opportunity as there is not so many Competitions in terms of big players in the market, so greater chance to succeed.
- They are very creative in the service they provide. Customized service for the customer's needs and their budget.
- Can showcase these events overseas. 
- A 6 year old Company who is financially stable.
- Training overseas when there is opportunity.

- Creative
- Open
- They have a chef who prepares their office lunches and they eat together.
- Team building activities.
- A cafe in their Tokyo office.
- Not your typical office, so refreshing style!