Operation Project Management Specialist

Job Title: Operation Project Management Specialist
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Supply Chain Management
Salary: 10000000 - 11000000
Reference: 10758
Contact Name: Agnes Lewandowski
Job Published 05th Nov 2018


Understand, analyse and execute logistics strategy to optimise warehouse operation, warehouse capability and, transportation efficiency and provide, execute to initiative with having strong inclusiveness within the team and 3PL. Also, strongly collaborate with 3PL of our supply chain and the relevant departments to maintain the current supply chain efficiency at the high-quality level. Implement the project improving efficiency or reducing costs.


今現状おかれている BSJ のサプライチェーンの課題を競合他社、医療業界、日本の業界全体を比較しながら理解、分析し、倉庫スペースの効率化、倉庫業務の効率化、輸送効率の向上を主な活動目的とし、3PL やチームメンバーを力強く巻き込み、サプライチェーンの業務効率向上を図る。また 3PL、社内外の顧客、ステークホルダーと密接な関係を築き、現状の高いサプライチェーン品質、コストを維持するための活動も同時に行う。


Key Responsibilities:

• Plan and execute the local project improving efficiency or reducing costs.

• Collaborate and execute proactively to both regional and global supply chain related project

• Analyze “as is” state and find out “room to improve” “out of box” kind of initiatives

• With using existing channels by candidate or other sources, get most recent trend in supply

chain including Automation, IoT and set future warehouse and transportation strategy

• Set up and maintaining a good relationship with the internal stakeholders, suppliers and venders.


APACGlobal レベルで実施されるプロジェクトへの積極的関与、タスクの推進


今もっているネットワークや他の方法を使い、常に外部で起きているトレンド(オートメーションや IoT 技術)を積極的に理解し、長期的な視点での戦略立案




• Minimum 5 years of supply chain solution experience and/or logistics operations management in warehousing or transport (Pharma, MedTech or Automobile industry preferable).

• Track record of managing and implementing projects (also failures and how they learnt). Drive

for results.

• Knowledge of six sigma or other enterprise management system and able to create

process mapping with using these methods.

• To engage outside Japan with global stakeholders, advanced English communication skills to

build a smooth relationship with stakeholders inside and outside the company. (TOEIC 700 point or above is preferable)

• IT literature (Basic Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook)

• Basic knowledge in ERP (SAP, Oracle, AS400)


5 年以上のサプライチェーンにおける経験・実績、もしくは倉庫、物流管理の経験(製薬、医療機器、自動車業界での業務経験があることが好ましい)

最低 3 個以上のプロジェクトマネジメント経験・実績


社内外のステークホルダーと取り組む課題の説明と合意形成ができるくらいの英語での業務遂行能力と経験•実績(TOEIC700 点以上ことが望ましい)


ERP の基本知識があること(SAP, Oracle, AS400)