Operation Staff / オペレーションスタッフ

Job Title: Operation Staff / オペレーションスタッフ
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Supply Chain Management
Salary: 3000000 - 5000000
Reference: 11077
Contact Name: Wayne Yoshida
Job Published 11 Apr 2019


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General Position Summary:
The operation staff position in American 3PL company. Manages logistics operations related to high-tech products, maintenance parts, general consumer goods, healthcare products, etc., and provide satisfying services to customers. Open because current staff decided to leave recently.

•Work establishment and improvement of storage operation
•Create manual
•Management of warehouse staff
•Numeric management

Required Experience / Skills:
Expected years of experience (Minimum)
• Warehousing industry, shipping industry more than 6 months

Expected educational qualifications
• OA skills MS (Excel / Word / PPT) (required)

Expected skills:
• Those who have strength in numerical analysis
• Those with high communication skills
• Those with high PC skills (MS Word, Excel, Power Point)
• Internal and external people management experience
• If you have your own career plan clearly
• Proactive and persistent approach since management and improvement of various KPI indicators are required
• Ability to maintain and maintain a good relationship with the customer, as the customer may be resident

Preferred Experience / Skills:
・Those who want to build logistics experience outside the industry.
・English ability is a plus
・To have an interest and aspiration for people and organizations
・To be a person who can be attentive, and have a service mind
・Those who always keep learning
・Being able to proceed with work autonomously
・A person who can listen to other companies' opinions and thoughts (No too strong self-assertion)
・Working as a team member
・Being able to see things from a company-wide perspective with global optimum perspective
・Having a passion to improve the company
・Being an owner of open mind and positive mind
・Being able to manage schedule and time
・Being able to perform in pressure, and having sense of responsibility

Work-Life Balance:
・Contract type: permanent
・Working hours
 -Time: 9:00 to 17:45 (Break 60 minutes)
・5-day work week (Sat/Sun off)
・Public holidays

・New Year holidays
・Annual paid leave
・Prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare and nursing care leave system
・Injury leave (5 days a year)
・Keio vacation system
・Time off system

・Social insurance completed (Employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, welfare pension insurance, health insurance)
・Group life insurance
・Property saving system
・Retirement plans (defined contribution annuities) Separately from the
annual income, we will pool defined contribution annuities to each account.

・Welfare service
・Health insurance union resort and contract resort hotel
・Keio donation system
・Long service commendation system

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・倉庫業界、運送業界 6か月以上
・OAスキル MSExcel/Word/PPT)(必須)
PCスキル(MS Word,Excel,Power Point)が高い方


 -時間:9:00-17:45 (休憩60分)


・退職金制度(確定拠出年金) 年収とは別途確定拠出年金を各自の口座へpoolしていきます。