Import & Export Senior Manager

Job title : Import & Export Senior Manager
Job type : 正社員
Discipline サプライチェーン・物流・運輸
Salary : 7,000,000 to 10,000,000
Reference : JOB_006965[449]

主たる業務内容 : Essential duties

Managing and supervising whole import/export business

Performing accurate import/export operations complied with laws such as trade regulations

Carrying out precise import/export operations considering both companies compliance and laws

Searching for possibilities to reduce taxes and contributing to ensure cost efficiency

Improving staff skills and knowledge

Ensuring work efficiency and building good teamwork

◆各ブランドと LOGISTICS の間の円滑なコミュニケーションを実行して、より深い信頼関係を構築するこ と。
Facilitating smooth communication between each brand and logistics to build deeper trust

主たる責任範囲と求められる能力 essential responsibilities and required abilities

◆イレギュラー処理についての各関係部署との調整を行なうこと。 -業務内容と社内コンプライアンスについての深い知識の習得と輸出入業務についての深い経験が必

◆ Coordinating with related departments regarding irregular operations

-Acquiring deep knowledge about his/her duties and internal compliance is required - Deep experiences in import/export business are required

◆Supervising his/her staff to level volume of their task

◆Guidance and training each staff
◆A high level of ability to adjust is required ◆グループマネージメントについての経験と能力
◆Having experiences and abilities for team management

求められる経験とスキル required experience and skills

  • ➢  業務遂行のために必要な法律(関税に関する法律など)と、経理・財務についての知識(BS P&L の理解など、簿記 2 級相当)を含む基本的なビジネス知識を有していること。

  • ➢  Having legal knowledge ( e.g. Custom Law) and business acumen including accounting & finance knowledge (e.g. capabilities of understanding basic P&L and BS) to accomplish role & responsibilities.

  • ➢  事後調査にあたり、直接の税関対応を複数回経験していること。

  • ➢  Having several experiences in responding directly to tax authority for customs post-audit

  • ➢  スタッフの評価や労務管理、能力開発を含むチームマネージメント経験があること。

  • ➢  Team management experience including labor management, talent development and performance management.

  • ➢  ネイティブレベルの日本語力とビジネスレベル(メール・会議対応)の英語力

  • ➢  Native level Japanese and business level English communication skills in both verbal and writing.