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Round up 2020

Round-Up 2020!

It's safe to say that none of us came into 2020 expecting to look like anything like it does. As our world is changing beyond recognition, all of us here at FocusCore have been focused on executing at the very highest level every single day.  Focusing on your Core business. 2020 brought both new challenges and technologies to businesses working in supply chain.
First, companies will have more options when it comes to warehouse management technology in the form of both WMS solutions and automated robots. However, this means the producers of these two products may see some increase in competition from each other.
Next, the capacity crunch may lead to a trucking recession, forcing companies to find more ways to cut costs. One of the ways business might be able to save resources upfront is with cloud-based SCM. The cloud market will continue to grow as more businesses become less fearful.
In addition to cutting costs, the trend this year will be for businesses to find new ways to stay competitive. New technology will likely become popular to help implement distributed inventory, allowing smaller businesses to keep up with Amazon. Lastly, the need for security within the supply chain will likely continue to be addressed into 2021 as AI and IoT grow in prominence.


There is always change, but 2020 was a year of extraordinary changes. 2020 was about – crisis, business continuity, flattening the curve, employee safety... Besides everything, 2020 was the year of great change, immense learning, and an opportunity to hit refresh! For the past 3 years I had been helping to run the IPCJ. The pandemic made social events impossible. Luckily Japan did not enter into a lockdown but our way of life was affected greatly. I took the opportunity to take my events online in the webinar format. I had the pleasure of hosting 5 quality events.

June 2020 - Corona Virus & Supply Chain disruptions - Panelist; Maersk , Coca-Cola & McKinsey & Co.

June 2020 - #Severe Risk, Global Food Supply Chain Post Covid-19. - Panelist; McDonalds, Bio C'Bon & Savencia.

August 2020 - Air Freight and Air Transport Post Covid-19. - Panelist; S.F. Express, Schenker-Seino & KLM Air France Cargo.

September 2020 - Pharma Supply Chain Post Covid-19. - Panelist; SkyCell AG, World Courrier & Sanofi

November 2020 - Fireside Chat in Association with CargoNow. - Panelist; Ocean Insight, Nippon Express, Azelis, Schenker-Seino & NYK.

Pharma Supply Chain Post COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is raising questions about the current strength of pharma supply chains. Governments are wrestling to combat the right trade response during escalating economic turmoil and support the pharma industry to adopt a more diverse, cost-effective and accessible supply chain.

Fireside Chat: Getting Back to Basics – Reliable, Real-Time and Predictive Data

Recent events have forced even the most robust businesses to go back to the drawing board. Now, more than ever, technology has made all the difference in keeping supply chains afloat. Understand how visibility has afforded more opportunities and saved costs in global supply chains and get to to know how a digitised supply chain with reliable, predictive business intelligence gives you a game-changing edge.


Many articles were written as well as webinars to help you succeed more in the greatly changed world. Here are two great ones that resembles this year.


2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us and it's still not over. 2020 locked down countries, and disrupted trade, but also created opportunities for change. Here in Japan, a country famous for “Karoshi,” a noun meaning death from overwork, employers opened the door for flexible work schedule, working from home (WFH), and many companies even adopted online signatures over the good old rubber stamp or “Hanko.”

And like all other industries, the logistics industry failed to escape the insanity and instability of the pandemic. Capacity reduction for both Air and Ocean, Trade Wars, Imbalance between demand and supply, just to name a few.

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Is your resume eye-catching?

​Writing/updating a resume can be one of the most tedious tasks when job hunting. A good resume will not only help you get past the portal document screening, but also will help a recruiter understand your skills and experience much better. This will allow the agent to ask more detailed questions and give a stronger introduction when endorsing you to a client.

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​Job Openings

As tough the world and market was, we still did have positions open and companies that needed to fill those positions, either because the company needed to reduce cost, or the supply chain needed to keep the flow going to fulfill all the needs for people to stay home. Here are some great positions you still can apply for.

Logistics Manager, Fragrance & Beauty Product Operations

This position is for a cosmetics company, and they are looking to have someone who has more than 5 years experience in the cosmetics industry, with knowledge in warehouse operation, someone with leadership and management experience, great at 3PL and working with the internal business department. You will need to know how to use Excel, Word, and Powerpoint, experience and knowledge in ERP/WMS, and last but not least, great communication skills. Sounds like a lot, but if you think you qualify for some of those and are interested in doing logistics in the cosmetics industry, check out the full details of the job by clicking here.

You can also directly apply by mailing and say you are interested in the Logistics Manager role. Don't forget to submit your CV in the mail too.

Key Accountant Manager - Hi-Tech

Here are some responsibilities this position has.

  • Develop business within the complete service portfolio with accounts in strategic customer development program through own sales activities and in co-operation with the overseas colleagues in the network.

  • Monitor existing business with these accounts with the aim for further integration and enhancement of existing solutions.

  • Deliver Customer Excellence and outperform customer’s expectations.

  • Understand the customer organization and decision-making process.

  • Execute regular review meetings with existing client base and communication of customer feedback to relevant operational departments.

And this is not all of its responsibilities. Click here to see the full description of this job, or mail with your CV attached.

Logistics Manager

This position is responsible for the day to day management of logistics including warehousing, Distribution services, Freight forwarding, import/export, Returns, project executions, and general administration. This position will plan, direct, coordinate, and execute the logistics operations of the organization. Responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency, and profitability of departmental and organizational operations through the provision of effective methods and strategies.

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Sales Consultant (Japan-to-China eCommerce)

You will present the company at e-commerce events and fairs in Japan and support marketing campaigns. You will help to expand the company's cross-border e-commerce eco-system of partners in Japan and overseas.

Day-to-day requirements include; develop and execute a strong sales pipeline. Develop strong personal relationships with key customers & partners. Develop the Samarkand brand and customer satisfaction in Japan. Work closely with team members to find IT solutions to customer problems. Allow us to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ to the Japanese market. Allow us to get closer to our customers, providing them with more services and with the high levels of support they need and expect.

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