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Inclusive Leadership - What can your company do to increase inclusive leadership?

HR leaders play a significant role in creating inclusive, diverse workplaces where all employees feel welcome and empowered to speak up and be heard. They also need to work to develop inclusive leadership, which still significantly lags behind many countries. With businesses increasingly optimizing their diversity and inclusion activities, inclusive leadership in Japan grows in demand.

Research shows that, when done right, inclusive leadership creates tremendous benefits for a company—teams perform better and more collaboratively, and make better overall decisions.

What can your company do to increase inclusive leadership within your organization?

This month’s FocusCore webinar gathers 3 outstanding industry leaders;

-Sakura Kuma, CEO @ APM Terminals (Japan)

-Yumi Takahata, Chief of Staff, D&I @ Deloitte Tohmatsu Group (Deloitte Japan)

-Shuhei Taguchi, HR Specialist, Total Rewards, Global Services/Open&Out Asia @ Johnson & Johnson


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